Who are we?


Anja & Aurelio in Hof am See, Germany

We want to introduce ourselves: MOHAGINE Hotel & Finca is a German-Costa Rican couple, Anja Wagner and Aurelio Perez Mendoza.


As Chorotega Indian he was born in Guanacaste in 1969 and came to Drake Bay with his whole family already in 1971. His father bought a large finca (farm), also the land of our today’s hotel. After several years as a police officer in Limon, his homesickness brought him back to Drake Bay, where he already started with the design of the garden 15 years ago.


She was born in 1966 in Frankfurt. As a diver she came in 2005 for the first time to Costa Rica, in 2009 got the residence and met her current husband in Drake Bay. She has been diving for 25 years all around the world and knows the Caño Island very well, better yet, the Isla del Coco, where she logged more than 250 dives so far.

We are supported by our employees, the helping hands everywhere!

In August 2015 we received the patent from the town hall, the permission of the Ministry from Health and the Financial Office.