What do we offer?

Place and space

Our property includes a 76,569 m2 terrain with primary tropical rainforest and a beautiful, large tropical garden, where the hotel is nestled. Thanks to our own sources we can keep it all the year at the bloom and produce. Permanently we overwork the cabins and which are building new. Relax in our brand new lounge, where you can find a small library, tables, comfy shirts. This particular space is ideal to socialize with others guests, eat some food and watch the lovely environment around you.

Garden and Jungle

In our tropical garden we produce more than 60 different fruit and vegetable types, 50 different orchids make it even more beautiful and further 70 different sorts of tropical flowers make our garden unique in the region.

The garden is surrounded by primary rainforest with uncountable wild and natural species of trees and bushes. We do not cut trees or plant something, which is not coming out of this region.

Pure nature, and this very close

Direct in our garden which surrounds the huts, with uncountable wild animals visit. In the trees over the kitchen you often can find sloths, nosed coaties, and Agouties are hanging around eating seeds. In additionl you can observe many different kinds of birds like humming birds, scarlet macaws, mot mot, butterflies and a lot more species. Our special is the poison dart frog Oophaga granulifera.

And it’s not a rumor: monkeys love bananas! You can directly from the hut observe all 4 monkey species that exist in Costa Rica, watching the “banana thief”. This way the whole year, we have so many different types of bananas and other fruits, there are almost always some ripe!

At night you can go to find different kind of frogs, snakes, spiders, nightactive mamals or lizards, all close to your accomodation.

The flora includes a countless variety of flowers and plants like heliconias, orchids, bromeliads and all kinds of fruits and crops such as bananas, papayas, palm fruits, orchids. All these we breed to attract the wildlife to bring them to you as close as possible.

There is a direct corridor to Corcovado National Park, again we find traces of tapirs and wild cats close to our garden area. Earlier roamed here even the Jaguars through the thicket and into the bay there were sharks. MOHAGINE Hotel & Finca makes your holiday a memorable one.


We offer 4 private huts, a room and 2 full equipped tents away from the noisy street and the possibility to camp in a fantastic surrounding. Each hut has its own and private outdoor and garden complex.

There is also a bath and wash house, a well equipped kitchen and a new lounge, where you can watch in comfy hammock chairs the area or surf the Internet, sockets are provided everywhere. Self-confidence, we offer free parking. The buildings were all in 2015 or later completed.

Rest and Relaxation

In vain looking TV or air conditioning, of course, we offer you free internet and fans. Loud music or permanet noise from speakers would not let you hear the monkeys coming or the scarlet macaos croaking. At night we listen to the incredible diversity of concerts of frogs or the raindrops falling on the roof.


In only 5 minutes by foot you can reach playa Colorada, our natural beach. Here you can relax on the provided deck chairs.

The national park Corcovado invites you for hikes, at the biosphere reserve Caño Island you can go snorkeling or diving.

Individual tours and personal care

Tell us what you like us to do, it would be a pleasure for us to work out together with you a programm for your stay, individually tailored to you.

With MOHAGINE Hotel & Finca on tour you can explore the area to know all its diversity. Whether directly on our farm or in the surrounding national parks, either during the day or night, here there is something for everyone to discover. We offer all kind of tours, on land, on water and in the air! Search with Aurelio, the poison dart frogs or go with Anja diving at the Isla del Caño, experiences that you will never forget!

Anja & Aurelio