All of our huts, furniture and accessories are made mostly of natural materials by hand, the predominant material gives the hut their name. All floors are made of wood. By type of construction air conditioning is unnecessary. Each hut has one or two private and covered outdoor areas (m²–figures in brackets) with seating and/or hammock and a private garden.


1 double bed, 1 bunk bed 2-4 persons 27 (+8) m²

Our biggest hut has a private bathroom with separate restroom and warm water shower. It is built entirely from local wood, just like the furniture. The spacious Cabaña has two fans, a fridge and a kettle. On the terrace, without leaving the comfort of your Cabaña, you can observe for example birds and butterflies and various species of monkeys that comes because of the many flowers and fruits in our garden.



1 double bed 1-2 persons 14 (+12) m²

Bamboo (Bambusoideae) belongs to the grass family and is the main building material for this light and airy hut. Walls, bed and the storage-shelves are made from this material. The ceiling is partly translucent and the hut is located in the shadow of a mango tree. There is also a fan for cooling.

The shared restroom has plenty of room for bathroom articles and towels. They and the men and women showers (also warm water) are located in the bath house (about 6 meters away). The outdoor area is fully covered with palm leaves, has 2 stools with table and a hammock.


1 double bed 1-2 persons 14 (+12) m²

The walls and furnitures of this hat are made of Caña agria (Costus spicatus), the plant stem is similar to cane. The high roof, which is covered partly is transparet and the shade of the surrounding trees, makes this hut cool and fresh. Nevertheless, there is a fan provided.

The shared restroom has plenty of room for bathroom articles and towels. They and the men and women showers (also warm water) are located in the bath house (about 12 meters away). The outdoor area is fully covered with palm leaves and is equiped with a bench, a table and a hammock.


1 double bunkbed, 1 single bed 1-3 Persons 9 (+9) m²

The peach palm (Bactris gasipaes) is a native palm in the tropic forests and is the material the hut is partially made of. This special hut at the border of the garden is half open and directly surrounded by the jungle! It offers a fascinating view into the mountains, here you can feel the jungle. You can for example observe different species of monkeys, agouties, butterflies and uncountable species of birds very close directly out of your hut. The veranda from the open part of the hut is beautiful designed out of branches. It gives space to take small meals, thanks to the 2  stools! The single bed, you find on the terrace which is fully covered with palm leaves. This is the perfect place to observe the garden. Under the cabin you find two big lockers for your luggage.

The shared restroom, sufficient space for bathing articles and the towels, as well as the showers for ladies and gentlemen (also hot water) are located in the bathing house, about 17m away.