Activities on our farm

Just take a walk through the garden and watch. You will discover a lot of what you need to pay for elsewhere.

1. Poison dart frogs and more – medium

We lead you to a rare species of poison dart frogs, also known as arrow-blowing frogs, which appear only in this area on some remote and unspoilt river areas. It is the species Oophaga granulifera the red-green tree-frog, furthermore other frog species are to be discovered. The path leads through the river bed, past only plants growing in the jungle. Perhaps they see bulrushes or spiders, three-finger sloths, nibbings, wild boars, raccoons, iguanas, and various other reptiles, such as snakes, mikas and palmvipers. Besides, bats at there sleeping places or even nutrias swimming in the creeks, scarlet macaws, other parrot species, mot mots, tigerheron and guans, the many different and colorful songbirds that can be seen and heard everywhere. Or you find a rare dwarf anteater cyclopes didactylus…

Small tour, average, 2-4 persons
Start: cafeteria, approx. 1 hour incl. rubber boots and walking stick
Rate: 30 US $ p. p.

2. Other poison dart frogs and even more – difficult

To discover the extinct and rare species Phyllibates vittatus, or Dendrobates auratus as well as Craugastor stejnegerianus, you should be in good physical condition. The hike is challenging and exhausting, the terain mountainous and muddy. But just on this tour you can experience the unique variety of this area very close and unique. Perhaps you see squirell or capuzin monkeys, two-finger sloths, agoutis, peccaries, anteaters, crocodiles, and various other reptiles, such as snakes like buschmaster and loras. In addition skunks and belt animals, scarlet macaws and trogones, various herons and large curassow or morphofalter, “hopping” through the jungle. Or you can find traces of wildcats and tapirs…

Large tour, high demand, 2 persons
Start: Cafeteria, approx. 2-3 hours incl. rubber boots and walking stick
Rate: 45 US $ p. p.

3. Night walk – easy

On this simple and for everyone walkable night walk we show you on our finca frog spawn of the read eye leaf frog and various glass frogs and further amphibians can be observed on this tour. In addition, spiders and snakes like terciopelo, the various color oropelos and coral snakes. Furthermore, there are nocturnal animals such as kikajous, tayras and maybe ocelot.

Night walk, low demand, 2-4 persons
Start: cafeteria, about 2-3 hours incl. rubber boots, walking stick and flashlight
Rate: 40 US $ p. p.

4. Orchid Tour – easy

Join us through the garden, where up to 60 different orchid species are hidden. Let yourself be enchanted by the uniqueness of this largest plant group and discover Sobralias, Lochartia migranta, Brassavola nodosa, Epidemdrum nocturno, Oncidium polycladium or even the rare and intensely smelling Mormodes fractiflexa. The collection also has various miniature orchids such as Scaphyglottis behrii, Stelis spp. And Specklinia cornicula.

Walk, low claim, 2-4 persons
Start: beach house at the landing place, about 30-45 min.
Rate: 18 US $ p. p.

5. Farm tour

On this excursion through our MOHAGINE hotel garden and the nearby further open spaces, we will show you some of our more than 50 fruits. Their importance in today’s diet of the population or for export. You can choose, ask us!
Also on this tour the flowering plants like heliconias and zingiberales, bromelians, ferns and different tree species are shown and described.

Small tour, average, 2-4 persons
Start: cafeteria, approx. 1-2 hours, incl. Rubber boots
Rate: 28 US $ p. p.

All prices are inclusive of the statutory VAT of 13%, tips are not included in the prices.
House guests receive a 15% discount on the prices of the tours 1. – 5.
Stand 10/2016, prices are valid until 2017-12-31