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Discover with us all the things to do in Drake Bay: the incomparable biodiversity of the area on our farm, go with the MOHAGINE Hotel & Finca in National Park Corcovado hiking or snorkeling and diving in the biosphere reserve Isa del Caño. Learn more about local fruits and foods and how they are grown and discover with us the beauty of orchids and other flowering plants.

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Things To Do in Drake Bay: Best Tours Available.

Things to do in Drake Bay are infinite, because you can actually discover the very last piece of the Amazon Rainforest in Central America! Corcovado National Park comes up with a variety of animals and plants that are otherwise rarely observed. It is home to over 130 species of mammals, 100 species of reptiles, 6000 species of insects and over 400 kinds of birds. Beside this you can find 500 species of trees and bushes and 150 species of orchids.
You can see for example tapirs, pumas, crocodiles, dears, all 4 species of monkeys you can find in Costa Rica (capuchin, howler, spider and squirrel), wild boar, scarlet macao, guans and countless other species of birds. Also snakes, butterflies and reptiles can be detected from you guide. National Geographic Magazine called it the most biologically intense place on Earth and it is the most visited place of the area.

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