How To Get To Drake Bay, Costa Rica?

Wondering in advance how to get to Drake Bay is a great thing to avoid problems, so here’s all you need to know to pick up the option that suits you the best! There are 4 different ways to get there and be sure, there are all very impressive…

1. The Convenient one – by plane

Fly from the international Airport Juan Santamaria in San Jose with Sansa or Nature Air directly to Drake Bay, Progresso. Here we could send you a taxi, beginning in 2016, the cost are 10 US $ per Person (min. 2 Persons) and must be paid directly to the driver. This getting there is already your first adventure.
Prices vary according to season and are approximately 100 US $ – 200 US $ per flight.
2 images side by side, first: “Bay of Rio Sierpe”, right next to it “Vadder and Marion on the taxi” – You still lack …..

2. The Arduous one – by rental car

Here you need much more time and patience, and perhaps a little experience in crossing rivers – whose 7 there are here and the last has it all – and change of tires. If you ask how to get to Drake Bay to some locals, maybe they will advise to go by car… but at least a 4 x 4 you need and above all, please be aware that car rental companies have certain places excluded from coverage. But you will not regret it, the route is fascinating and paved with viewpoints and impressive Scenes. The Interamericana leave in Chacarita and drive to Rincon. There turn right to Bahia Drake. Follow the signs and be vigilant, do not drive at night.

Image “my car in front of old Brücke” – you lack even

3. The Ordinary one – with the Speedboat

With Tracopa you reach Palmar Norte from San Jose in 4.5 to 6 hours, up to Sierpe to spin it again about 20 minutes by taxi or 35 minutes by bus…. Two times a day, at 11:30 am (8.0000 Col./15 US $) and by 3: 30/4: 00 pm (10,000 Col./20 US $) start here the various Taxibote your tour. Your car can be safely deposited in Sierpe. We can arrange your arrival and departure with a closed speedboat. Enjoy the ride through the mangroves, one of our tours brings you this in Central America now unique paradise with all its flora and fauna like much closer. In calm weather, you will be dropped and picked up directly at our private landing site, we will help, of course with your luggage. After 250 m footpath you reach our Finca MOHAGINE and dive into another world.

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Every day the Taxibote brings you back to Sierpe at 07:15 am or at 2:30 pm, both tours each cost 8,000 Col. or 15 US $.

4. The Cheapest one – by bus

If you have a lot of time and also need to pay a Little attention to your budged, you might choose this variant. Here you can enjoy the scenery in peace. Transportes Blanco brings you in 7.5 hrs. to Rincon de Osa, which is close to Puerto Jimenez. Here you change buses and drive about 1.5 hours through the jungle until you first reach Progresso de Drake and then Agujitas, at the 2nd corner you reach MOHAGINE.

The bus also takes 2 rides daily after Rincon. Please inquire before you leave for the exact times.

How to get to Drake Bay in Costa Rica is now an easy game for you, but the most important thing remains to plan what you would like to experience in our wonderful region 🙂